Fast way to network adapters

Still remember in Win95 when changing an IP or DNS server was as easy as going to the Control Panel, opening the network folder then choosing the adapter? Rember in WinXP when you get there without even leaving the start menu? Driven insane by Win10's constantly changing settings interfaces from every previous OS with zero cohesion? Well now you can get to your beloved adapters quicker with three easy steps:

  1. Win+R (Run)
  2. Type: ncpa.cpl
  3. <ENTER>
Fast way to network adapters

Permanently disable Firefox and Chrome web notifications

Are you horrified that any website would even ask to send notifications to your desktop? Would you like this pop-up to never appear again? Then:

  1. In Firefox, visit the URL about:config and if promted, say you do want to void your warranty
  2. Filter using webno
  3. Double click dom.webnotifications.enabled (changing the value from the default true to false)

Thanks to this guy for the Firefox info.

  1. In Chrome, in the top-right, click the 3 vertical dots (the More menu) and select Settings
  2. At the top, search notifications
  3. Expand Content settings, then Notifications
  4. Toggle Ask before sending to Blocked

Chrome info from the Google Support article.

Permanently disable Firefox and Chrome web notifications

Remove 3D Objects folder from Windows 10

In Regedit, open the following locations (only the first is needed for 32-bit systems) and delete the key 



Remove 3D Objects folder under This PC in Windows 10, The Windows Club

Remove 3D Objects folder from Windows 10

One line Debian/Ubuntu upgrade and clean up

The following command:

  • gets the latest update information
  • upgrades all packages (without prompting for confirmation)
  • removes any unneeded install files
  • removes any unnedded packages
  • checks if any services or daemons need to be restarted

Note: the debian-goodies package needs to be installed to use the checkrestart command

apt-get update;apt-get upgrade -y;apt-get autoclean;apt-get autoremove;checkrestart

Linux allows running applications to be updated however they will not start to use the new files until restarted. The checkrestart command (from the Debian package description):

Help to find and restart processes which are using old versions of upgraded files (such as libraries)

One line Debian/Ubuntu upgrade and clean up